Twitter War - Ashton vs. Perez

Check out the Twitter convo between Ashton Kutcher & Perez Hilton, after Perez bashes Rumer (Demi Moore's daughter):

Ashton: when you have kids you will understand the pain you have unnecessarily inflicted on my step kids life. You can bash me all day

Perez: Rumer invited the attention upon herself. She is a huge famewhore – and I totally respect that. I love talentless famewhores!

Ashton: honestly don’t even know you and would love to call a truce just lay off my kids man

Perez: I don’t really talk about the other girls. Just Potato Head, mainly. I’m sure she secretly loves it!

Ashton: come by for dinner some night and I’ll show how much she loves it
Ashton: invented attention upon herself, why does that bother you? hmmmm

Perez: I’m a fat kid at heart and am still a porker. I love to eat! Say when and I’ll be there!
Perez: See, I don’t ALWAYS say mean things about Potato. Kinda. (link)
Perez: And I can guarantee you that if I COMPLETELY stopped talking about Rumerzilla, she’d be sad. Very very sad.

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