Christian Louboutin Shoes for $150?

Today I came across a deal that is really too good to be true - the Christian Louboutin Shoes pictured on the left for $150! They appear to be legit too - featured on the Louboutin Mall these shoes are pictured with the box, dusters and alternative angles showing logos and the signature red sole. So why am I skeptical - because they're only $150! These shoes are definitely worth $890+ and this site is flooded with shoes just like these with insane prices just like this one. The most obvious reason for this is that the product is counterfeit.

Which raises the question - do I care that they're not authentic, I mean who would really know? It's almost like I'd be one-upping the fashion industry with their bloated prices. Who pays $1,000 for shoes?!?! It's the luxury without the price tag, how can that be bad?

The most blaring reason for passing on designer replicas is that when you give them your money you are supporting a crime operation. The majority of these products are made illegally in Chinese sweatshops for pennies.
The owners of these sweatshops are operated by crime syndicates that launder money from drugs and prostitution, and these replicas have been traced to financing rings that support terrorist cells!

I read an article claiming that some investors testified in China they witnessed children having their legs broken and improperly reset so they could not leave the factories to go outside to play. How could anyone endorse behavior like this?

Both selling and buying counterfeit goods is illegal in the U.S. Buyers will not be prosecuted, but may find their replicas confiscated. Aside from the legal ramifications, you have your own conscience to consider.

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