Muffin Top - the Fashion Faux Pax

Muffin top - sure way to ruin ANY outfit and grab much unwanted attention. There are so many terrible reasons this happens - that time of the month, jeans left in the dryer too long, or the sad truth that your favorite jeans have somehow become your skinny jeans (a devistating thought I know).

The truth of the matter is you will look much skinnier in jeans that fit you right than cramming your ass into something that is simply too small for your body.

What ever the reason - Muffin top happens to everyone sometimes. While the best solution is to simply pick a pair of pants that fit you better, here are a few suggestions for those in denial:

Layer, layer layer
The worse thing you can do is wear a tight belly shirt - baggy is the way! Chances are you have muffin top because your jeans are too tight - never forget the rule: tight pants/loose shirt and vice versa. That's a good rule of thumb for fashion in general - revealing skirt/modest shirt and vice versa.

The Muffin Top Stopper
I found this product online at muffintopstopper - I can't vouch for it since I never tried it, but the theory behind it makes sense. It's a waistband extender custom made to match your jeans. It seems like they are targeting pregnant women which is smart - saves money on maternity clothes.

INCH-MASTER Waitband Stretcher
I have saved the best for last - this is a product that I know actually works. It's available on Amazon for $29.95 and is absolutely worth every penny! The stretcher increases your waistband up to 5" - really! Basically you place the stretcher in the waistband once they come out of the wash and let them air dry. This product is so awesome I am officially deeming it a necessity!

Bottom line is this ladies - we are women and by nature we are curvy, it is the way god made us and what makes us beautiful. We need to embrace our curves and be sensitive to what works and what does not.

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