Trend Alert: Matte Nail Polish

Say goodbye to high-gloss finish. The newest trend in nails? Matte polish is totally taking over manicures this summer and fall.

A few companies have matte finishes available. One of my favorites is Knockout. Created by makeup artist Mike Potter, they start out flatte and wear into satin. Availiable in 7 different colors, they retail for $19. You can check them out here. Want to see what they will look like on your nails? Check out one of my favorite blogs, Vampy Varnish for some great pics!

Looking for a less pricey option? Orly has a topcoat called, appropriately, Orly Matte. This topcoat gives any regular nail polish a sleek matte finish and retails for about $6.

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  1. this so makes me think of putting white out on my fingers as a kid - haha