To Catch a Cheat - "Make Him Pay"

Dating and insecurity has always gone hand in hand. Putting yourself out there and being totally vulnerable is so scary. I remember the days of trying to crack email passwords, or checking the call log on my exes cell phone. Technology has come so far these days it's scary - I came across the Make Him Pay website, if you have ANY doubts about your current relationship you should consider doing some detective work.

The spy section of the site gives helpful links including the RoboNanny, an audio surveillance & monitoring program. It monitors sound level in your room via your computer microphone, broadcasts audio from the microphone over the network and records surrounding audio!
They also have links for email monitoring software, GPS cell phone tracking, even a program that records keystrokes so you can see what they've been typing or who they've been talking to.

The revenge page leaves me speechless - really just read it. I'm guessing the author of this site got really burned!

What's really messed up is that this website also offers a breakup service! For $425 US dollars you can hire them to drive a wedge between a targeted couple by continuously creating an atmosphere of suspicion and doubt. Some of the resources they use include: audio (voice) remixing, rearranging, recording; social web site profiles; professional quality image editing or re-creating; displayed caller ID number changes (spoofing or faking the displayed incoming numbers); and much more! It's really scary!

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