Why NOT to Drink Bottled Water

Water is essential to good health, it is recommended that you drink about 3 liters (8 glasses) a day. It is your body's principal chemical component, making up 60-70% of your body weight.

Lately there has been lots of talk on whether or not bottled water is the way to go, here's what we've uncovered.

  1. Bottled Water Can be Pricey. I mean we're paying for water here.

  2. It's Not Safer. The show 20/20 sent different water bottle samples to a microbiologist to see if there was any difference in the quality of water - the results came back that there is NO difference between U.S. tap and bottled water.

  3. Labels Lie. The labels usually show snapshots of paradise, a beautiful lake surrounded by a scenic mountain scape - not the case.

  4. Bottled Water is Often Tap Water. Pepsi Co. has admitted that its bottled water, Aquifina is actually tap water! Coca Cola has also admitted that Dasani is too! In fact, an estimated 40% of bottled water sold in the U.S. is tap water.

  5. Bottled Water is Not Required to Undergo Testing. Unlike tap water, where consumers are provided with test results every year, the bottled water industry is not required to disclose the results of any contaminant testing that it conducts. Instead, the industry hides behind the claim that bottled water is held to the same safety standards as tap water. But with promotional campaigns saturated with images of mountain springs, and prices 1,900 times the price of tap water, consumers are clearly led to believe that they are buying a product that has been purified to a level beyond the water that comes out of the garden hose.
The choice is yours!

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  1. I can't believe Aquafina is tap water - so insane!